Sunday, March 21, 2010


One of the fond memories I had growing up was how the laundry smelled when it just came off the clothesline in the back yard.  We had one of those umbrella type clotheslines most of my childhood, and also the nylon covered cord suspended between two posts in our first house.  The infamous pink plastic clothes basket that my mother hauled was in.  I recently asked my Dad where it went.  It seemed like it has always been kept in his garage on top of one of the vintage cars.  When I finally thought about it, I realized it was gone, and he didn't remember what happened to it.  I do remember that the pink plastic color had faded to a very light pink, probably from being left out in the yard while the laundry dried.  Remember how crisp and light your sheets were when you crawled into bed at night, and they were out on the clothes line that day?  We only had plain white sheets...and my parents didn't own a dryer until the mid 1970's.  They were frugal..brought up during the depression.  The only drawback was winter time, when at times we took our clothes to the local laundromat to dry our clothes...or we hung our clothes in the house on a wooden clothes rack that my grandfather made.  Here's a great photo out of our family album of my Mom Shirley hanging out the wash...note she is wearing a skirt and sweater...I never saw her in a pair of jeans. 

I love this photo...

Here's a few laundry items that I own...they bring back some good memories.

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  1. I also have the CordOMatic clothesline and the plastic pins. I have a clothes pin hamper similar to yours also. You are right, we do have alot in common.